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    SANETELers keep the brand idea—Connecting the Infinity—in the heart and focus on the research and development of Satcom-On-The-Move communication products and system integration  service. We expanded the market for both domestic and abroad market  by enterprising spirit and great efforts and pursue the excellence performance no matter how severe the circumstance would be. The SANETEL products see the down with warships on the endless sea and enjoy to the sunset companied with guardians in lonely dessert. The products express our spirit, the SANETEL spirit.

    This is a passionate team consisted of brilliant people coming from all over China and connected by dreams and wishes to success.

    This is a professional team that has abundant experience in research and development of satellite communication, inertial navigation, servo control system and held and involved in many nationally major research projects.

    This is a young team that regards the youth as not only our fortune, but also the motivation pushing us hard to satisfy the customers’ needs day and night.

    This is an innovative team and we know that only the innovation can promotes the excellent quality of products and user experiences.


The professional and innovative SANETELers will ride with passion towards the bright future!



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